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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • person_addHow do I Sign Up?

    You can sign up with your email or sign up with your mobile cellphone number.
    Once registered, you will need to provide a few details for us to make sure you are market-ready. Refer to the next question to know what being market-ready entails.
    Click on the button below to sign up with Timu.
    person_add Sign Up
    After signing up, follow the steps on the guide page to become market-ready.
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  • businessWhat does it mean to be market-ready?

    Being market-ready means we have enough information about you to

    1. Communicate effectively
    2. Assign enough Trust Points to start somewhere
    3. Protect you and other users on the platform

    The guide page will always contain detailed steps on how to become market-ready and how to improve your reputation on Timu.
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  • faceWhat are Trust Points?

    Trust Points are an output of Timu's proprietary algorithm to quickly assess an individual's trustworthiness on the platform and display that to other individuals in an easy to understand manner.
    Trust points are usually denoted on the platform like so 3000 or so 3000. Opportunity Creators can then easily see how trusted you are on the platform by the weight of your Trust Score versus other users.

  • trending_upHow do I earn Trust Points?

    You earn Trust Points by participating on Timu, collaborating with other users and completing opportunities.
    As part of Timu's trust algorithm, often scores of certain types decay by some factor at night. This way there is always an open door for new individuals to become the top player on the Leaderboard and sought-after in the Marketspace. As a rule of thumb, actions that show more trustworthiness decay slower or simply do not decay at all, while actions that only show a small amount of trustworthiness usually decay faster.
    As always, the guide page usually has information on how to improve your trust score at any moment in time.
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  • eventHow do I create opportunities?

    There are two ways to create opportunities on Timu:

    1. On the top-right hand corner is a slide-out menu. On the menu there is an item marked 'Opportunities'. Click on 'Create' to invite Opportunity Seekers. Other users can then apply to this opportunity and participate.
    2. When on another person's profile, you can click on the button named 'Interact'. This is quick way to create a simple opportunity with someone you already know on Timu.

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  • broken_imageI cannot upload a profile picture

    An uploaded profile picture needs to adhere to a few criteria to be valid. Please make sure the picture you are trying to upload adheres to the following:

    1. Maximum 3 Megabytes in size.
    2. Needs to be a minimum of 500 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height.
    3. Needs to be a valid picture file of the type png, gif, jpeg, jpg or bmp

    Remember, the picture that you upload needs to be a professional picture of yourself where people can see your face and trust you more!