About Us

Timu, the platform that demonstrates trust. We build trust between people in resource-scarce communities and the creators of opportunity throughout Africa.

Timu is an online platform that helps people in limited-resourced communities demonstrate that they can meet the expectations others have of them, proving that they are trustworthy.

Trust is the confidence in one’s expectations – Niklas Luhmann

The Timu platform helps opportunity Seekers and Creators who want to work together, define the expectations that both parties need to meet, verify that the expectations are met and promote trustworthy members on Timu’s map-based marketspace. Opportunity Creators can now find trustworthy opportunity Seekers at a click of a button and bring meaningful opportunities directly to Africa’s underemployed youth. No need to wait for government and corporates to create opportunities anymore, now anyone can help our youth build meaningful careers to take us into a brighter future.

The Timu platform is powered by digital Agreements that break down the precise expectations that Seekers and Creators need to meet to successfully complete an opportunity. Opportunity Creators can use the Timu platform to build tailored Agreements for their opportunities by using our three modular expectations; show up, task or payment. Every opportunity is governed by a Timu Agreement and the platform’s game rules.